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Willam’s Journey to Recovery

10 Sep 2019

At the beginning of 2019, William* was released from Community Corrections to take part in an Alcohol and Other Drug Relapse Prevention program while completing his six month of parole.

“I had been in for nearly a year and I wanted to get some work,” said William, “I had five unpaid fines hanging over me and I needed money to start paying this off.”

“But I also wanted to get some help for my drinking. For as long as I remember, you know, I come home and have a drink. Life is hard and drinking helps. It makes me happy and numb, you know. Happy and numb. Sometimes you just get angry. It gets all mixed up. In my head. It is just so hard.”

William was convicted of assaulting his female partner while intoxicated with alcohol, and he served nearly a year in gaol. As part of his parole he was ordered to get some help and take part in a relapse prevention program whilst completing his six months of parole.

“So my parole officer suggested a couple of places that could help me. He was happy when I chose to go to the Odyssey House program on Monday nights as it was after work hours.“

“My group work at Odyssey also helped me pay off my fines by connecting it to my Work Development Order. And I got a job. In the first two weeks of being out, I got a job. I could not believe it.”

“I’ve been speaking with a finance person at Lifeline. They have helped me to budget better and sort out my financial situation. I am now getting a hold on it all. It has taken the pressure off a bit.”

“I was also sent to Legal Aid to get some help with some stuff. I never thought I could get there but I have. And it has all been with the support of the group at Odyssey.”

“These groups were good, man. They helped me think about who I am and where I am from. They helped me get into contact with my local Aboriginal community officer. This so important to me. The groups gave me the courage to reconnect with an Elder in my community and to start to give back by visiting my local Community Health Centre.”

“I have now finished my group with Odyssey and I got my certificate to prove it.”

“Next I am going to speak to the guys at Relationships Australia. I am going to do the anger management and domestic violence program. I want to do better. When I am finished there I am going back to Odyssey to make sure that I get more help with my drinking. I don’t want to be who I was last year. I want to be a proud Aboriginal man.”