Post Custodial Support

“We use a holistic approach to wellbeing. We specialise in working with the whole person in context, including providing mental health and wellbeing supports and life skills education to bring about lasting change in clients’ lives.” Programs Director, David Kelly

After being released from prison, reintegrating into society may be a difficult process for many formerly incarcerated people, who frequently face substantial difficulties along the way. These difficulties may be further exacerbated by factors such as socioeconomic adversity and the presence of multiple complexities such as substance use, mental illness, homelessness and unemployment.

Through our Community and Multicultural program teams we support clients post-release and reintegration programs transitioning from prison into the community in NSW.

Our professional teams help clients  to meet their goals and address any underlying trauma and mental health issues, while also developing new skills to improve all aspects of their lives. The programs also encompass clinical and medical interventions and case management relating to employment and training, reconnection with family and culture, and managing housing and homelessness.

  • Case management
  • Employment and training
  • Reconnection with family and culture
  • Managing housing and homelessness
  • Clinical and medical interventions
  • Provide brief intervention for drug and alcohol harm minimisation
  • Assist with Centrelink payments and services
  • Foster daily living skills
  • Referral pathways to other services


Our programs work in partnership with other service providers and together we work towards:

  • Improved outcome’s for the client
  • Reduce reoffending and imprisonment
  • Building positive relationships
  • Independent living
  • Contributing members in the community


The Transitions Program as part of the Multicultural Program at Odyssey House NSW is a culturally appropriate service that provides intensive case management and a range of supports during pre-release, assessment, and post release. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of people from CALD backgrounds utilising a holistic approach, as they make the transition from incarceration to community.

For people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds who are just released from incarceration, reintegrate back into society may be difficult due to factors such as stigma and shame, language barriers, community constraints and lack of knowledge or misinformation.


Our referral form can be accessed here.

Odyssey Multicultural Programs – Transitions team please contact 02 8706 0150 or

Odyssey Community Programs – call 1800 397 739 or email