Vocational Training

Vocational training has been introduced by Odyssey College to assist members of the residential community to gain the necessary skills to navigate life after they have left the residential program.

Specific courses are provided to allow residents to participate in short courses or enrol in long courses that will lead to meaningful employment or maintain currency in their chosen profession.

Short Courses

Short Courses are offered every school holidays. These include Forklift course, White Card and Traffic Controllers course. They are held on-site to minimise disruption and are very popular with all residents. Preference is always given to those who are nearing completion of their time at Odyssey House, however, we aim to allow all clients the chance to participate.

Long Courses

Odyssey College has developed partnerships with several Registered Training Organisations to facilitate the delivery of medium to long courses online. At the completion of their  studies, clients are encouraged to continue by enrolling in certificate and Diploma courses to facilitate their transition into the workforce.

A careers advisor is available to offer assistance and advice to ensure that each client is properly catered for. Government subsidies are available to make these courses more affordable and this is arranged through the college.


The opportunity to study a Certificate II in Hospitality is offered to each client as they enter the program. This ensures that every resident is compliant with food hygiene expectations and equipped to prepare the food if they are rostered to the kitchen.