Mental Health Support Groups

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Odyssey House’s free Community Programs provide treatment, counselling, education, and aftercare support to those who have been affected by alcohol and other drugs. We provide our programs and services through telephone counselling and online groups.  Please call 1800 397 739 or email

People living with alcohol and other drug issues often have other conditions to do with their physical or mental health that they are dealing with at the same time. Often the substance use, the mental health symptoms and the physical health problems all intertwine, making it very difficult to recognise and treat each one effectively. Seeking support with Odyssey House NSW is an opportunity for a holistic assessment – to help you understand your symptoms and access the support you may need. Delivered in a group setting, our mental health recovery groups give guidance, education and support to those with both mental health and alcohol and other drug issues. This program consists of a first and second stage.

Mental Health Recovery Group Stage 1

Participants will learn new skills and receive support with:

  • Developing a personalised mental health recovery plan
  • Identifying triggers and learning healthy coping strategies to maintain mental health recovery
  • Challenging negative thinking patterns to improve overall wellbeing
  • Managing emotions and feelings
  • Improving your lifestyle
  • Weekly peer and counselling support

Mental Health Recovery Group Stage 2

Upon completion of stage 1, together with our qualified psychologists and counsellors, your progress in mental health recovery will be assessed to determine whether stage 2 will be beneficial. Stage 2 participants will learn new skills and receive support with:

  • Developing mindfulness skills
  • Understanding recovery from addiction and mental health
  • Developing positive relationships and support networks
  • Building resilience in recovery
  • Expanding knowledge and skills around depression and anxiety
  • Developing a mental health maintenance plan
  • Weekly peer and counselling support

For more information on any of our group programs contact our assessment team on 1800 397 739 or email

To chat to one of our friendly staff about our Mental Health Services send an enquiry using the form on this page or call: 

1800 397 739

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