Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment (MERIT)

magistrates early referral into treatment

The MERIT program

The primary goal of the MERIT program is to break the substance use-crime cycle by involving defendants in treatment and rehabilitation.

MERIT is available to eligible defendants who appear at participating Local Courts. The program supports people living with a demonstrable drug problem who are eligible and suitable for release on bail and who are motivated to engage in treatment and rehabilitation.

Eligibility and Suitability Criteria

To be considered eligible for MERIT and/or Alcohol MERIT, where available, a defendant must:

  • Be an adult
  • Be eligible for bail or not require bail consideration
  • Voluntarily agree to participate in MERIT
  • Have a treatable drug problem for which there is appropriate treatment available

The MERIT program allows defendants to focus on treating their substance use issues in isolation from legal matters. The program is designed so that agreement to become involved is not an admission of guilt for the offence(s) charged. Treatment is generally prior to any pleas being made with the adjournment of court matters until the completion of the program.

Types of sentences used after successful completion of MERIT vary but should reflect successful completion of MERIT and take into account any recommendations for further treatment.

Odyssey House is responsible for provision of the MERIT Program at Waverley Court, NSW.

Contact: 1800 397 739 for more details