Alcohol And Other Drugs Counselling Services

Odyssey House’s free Community Programs provide treatment, counselling, education, and aftercare support to those who have been affected by alcohol and other drugs. We are providing our programs and services through telephone counselling and online groups during this time.  Please call 1800 397 739 or email

At Odyssey House NSW we understand the challenges that individuals and families face dealing with alcohol and other drug issues. Our Community Programs teams offer a range of alcohol and other drugs counselling programs: Alcohol and other drugs recovery groups (in two stages) and SMART recovery groups.

Alcohol and Other Drug Recovery Groups

Recovery from alcohol and other drugs (AOD) may require several attempts and for some can take place over several months if not years. Recovery outcomes could range from harm reduction strategies, stress management and emotional regulation to relapse prevention planning.

1. Stage 1 – AOD Recovery Group

Our Stage 1 program is targeted towards people who are thinking about the way alcohol and/or other drug use impacts their lives and are considering making changes. Participants are welcome to join at any point during the program. When participants first join the program, our highly experienced, skilled and passionate health professionals will assist them in goal setting and creating a personalised recovery plan. From here participants will learn new skills and receive support with:

  • Harm reduction strategies
  • Relapse education
  • Understanding use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Weekly peer and counselling support
  • Recovery information.

Stage 2 – AOD Recovery Group 

Once participants complete Stage 1, they are eligible for Stage 2 of the program. From here Stage 2 shifts to focus more on aftercare, with participants learning new skills to sustain their recovery and prevent relapse. The Stage 2 program focuses on:

  • Surviving relapse and building healthy habits
  • Identifying and managing high-risk situations, triggers and cravings
  • Understanding negative thinking patterns
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Problem solving and goal setting Identifying and building social support networks.
  • Weekly peer and counselling support.

For more information on any of our group programs contact our assessment team on 1800 397 739 or email

SMART Recovery Groups

Odyssey House NSW is service partner with the SMART Recovery program and provides the SMART (self management and recovery training) program by implementing a practical, hands on approach. SMART is a peer based group where participants set their own achievable plan for the week ahead. Participants learn practical tools and strategies to manage any form of addictive behaviours.

To chat to one of our friendly staff about our Counselling Services send an enquiry using the form on this page or call: 

1800 397 739

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