What We Do

We provide a wide range of services to help individuals and families who have been impacted by alcohol and other drugs.

Residential Rehabilitation

We provide healthy a safe community that allows our residents to recover at their own pace in a supportive environment.

Family Support Programs

Our Residential rehab centres allow parents to undertake treatment whilst their children live with them. We also offer community based support groups to give parents the skills and confidence to look after their children.

Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT)

Our MERIT program aims to give defendants, with a demonstrable drug or alcohol problem, the opportunity to get involved in treatment and rehab.

Community Services

We offer a wide range of free weekly Counselling & Support services all over Sydney, allowing you to get the help you need whilst still living your life.

Withdrawal Services

We offer detoxification services for those affected by alcohol and other drugs. Depending on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, you will either be referred to our residential or community based treatment.

Self Assessment

Do you think that you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs? We’ve put together a self-assessment guide that will help determine if you need help.