Voyage of Hope

Voyage of Hope – The History of Odyssey House in Australia

This year Odyssey House will be celebrating 45 years of service and commitment to the community. This celebration has coincided with the publication of Voyage of Hope – the History of Odyssey House Australia by Tom Valenta.

Tom is an author, former journalist and public relations practitioner. He has written books on a wide range of topics including Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, energy saving, corporate histories and a biography. His book on Odyssey House is his third in the alcohol and other drugs sector and delves into the origins of the ethos of the organisation, from its roots in New York City, USA, in 1966 through the years of the never ending demand for rehabilitation and support services here in Australia, to the personal stories from those who have sought help from Odyssey House. As Tom says in his preface:

“Countless people have been part of the Odyssey House story since 1977. They have made contributions as board members, sponsors, mentors or staff. There are also the residents and clients who have mostly benefited from the programs that Odyssey offers…..A number of cameos of former residents and clients form part of this history.

Some have become senior staff members and are giving back to the organisation that saved them. Some have overcome their addictions and have dealt with the underlying problems that took them along this path. They have made positive decisions about their lives and are happy to be part of mainstream society. Others have tragic stories and have succumbed to the underlying problems that first brought them to Odyssey House. Their families live on to tell their stories.”

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