Governance and Compliance

Policies, Procedures and Forms

Odyssey College is governed by the Odyssey House NSW Board, a not-for-profit registered Australian public company limited by guarantee. The Principal reports to the School Advisory Committee which is a sub-committee of the Odyssey House NSW (OHNSW) Board and accountable under Corporations Law.  The Chair of the School Advisory Committee is a member of the OHNSW Board which ensures responsible financial management and governance.


Sound governance principles and practices guide the School Advisory Committee and OHNSW Board in their decision making.


School Advisory Committee and OHNSW Board meetings are held bimonthly, from February to November. Council has delegated management responsibility for the School to the Principal. Our current Board members offer diverse professional skills and backgrounds. All Board members serve in a voluntary capacity and are bound by a code of conduct. No Board member receives a financial or other benefit from the College.