Your Alcohol Usage Guide

Our downloadable resource, Your Alcohol Usage Guide, helps you navigate safer drinking choices, learn tips to support your wellbeing and connect with support services.

This Guide is for you if you:

  • are worried about how much or how often you drink alcohol
  • feel your use of alcohol is affecting your physical health, mental health, behaviour, and social and emotional wellbeing
  • want advice about how to reduce your use of alcohol
  • would like to understand other people’s experiences of substance use issues
  • want to learn how to connect with support services.


If you’re supporting someone whose use of alcohol worries you, you might also find this Guide helpful. Share the Guide with the person you’re worried about.

Odyssey House provides holistic community programs and residential rehabilitation programs for people affected by alcohol and other drugs, including families and clients’ support networks.

Headings about what you'll find in this guide. An introduction to Odyssey House. Five reasons to drink less. Mental health at work. Free alcohol self-assessment check. Tips to manage your drinking in social settings. Finding help.
Cover of downloadable resource: Your Alcohol Usage Guide. It features the document title in a script font and an image of a person hiding under a doona cover, with hands visible. One hand is making a peace sign, and the other is holding a tall cup of coffee. The Odyssey House logo is in the bottom left of the image.

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