Odyssey College

Odyssey College is the education arm of Odyssey House NSW and provides all clients in the residential program a rich and worthwhile educational experience. You may well ask why we have included education into the program at Odyssey House. Research indicates that having a career path post rehabilitation, is a predictor of long-term success.

Odyssey College is a registered school with NESA and incorporates key content that will allow you to learn some of the necessary skills that will hold you in good stead post-Odyssey.

Principal 2

Principal’s Welcome

Odyssey College is one of Australia’s most unique educational facilities. Although we are registered with NESA, our accreditation allows us to tailor an individual learning journey for each client in the Odyssey House residential program.

Our subjects focus on preparing you for life after Odyssey and our qualified staff will facilitate your learning in areas that will be relevant, purposeful and with the aim of making every lesson fun.

We offer vocational training and incorporate job readiness skills into the curriculum.

Our staff are available to help you with vocational guidance, preparation of you Curriculum Vitae and confidence in job interviews.

-Peter Reuben

Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy

Our Mission

To build safe and healthy communities by reducing the impact of substance misuse on individuals, families, carers and communities.

Our Vision

A world free of addiction

Our Values


We are committed to excellence by maintaining our professional boundaries and fulfilling responsibilities in an accountable, inclusive and objective manner.


We act with honesty and adhere to consistent moral and ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behaviours.


We demonstrate consideration and regard for the feelings, beliefs and rights of others.


We trust in our limitless potential.

Our Philosophy

Odyssey College aims to deliver a relevant and worthwhile education whilst clients are in the Residential Program.

Teaching and learning are key to who we are as people. From birth, we are constantly learning and growing, and this is even more important as we move toward adulthood.

Research indicates that clients will be more likely to succeed in their therapy if they have a career post-rehabilitation.

Odyssey College provides all clients in the Residential Program and education and vocational pathway.



  • Peter Reuben


  • Mark Abraham (PDHPE)
  • Kristina Cocchi (English)
  • Clara Hali (Ceramics)
  • Greg Hughes (Industrial Technology)
  • Nettie Locke (Mathematics)
  • Hiba Zarour (Visual Art)

Administrative Support

  • Jo Mauceri


Odyssey College was established in 1977, with the purpose of educating clients in residential rehabilitation to enable them to re-enter the workforce and gain meaningful employment. The school was originally called Odyssey House School and residents would attend classes in Mathematics, English, Science, Textiles and Design and Visual Art.

Students would attend Science classes at St Gregory’s College at Campbelltown and there were three streams of classes;

  • Adults
  • Young Adults
  • Adolescents


Odyssey College has state-of-the-art facilities over two campuses. All residents begin their journey at Ingleburn which has an art studio, ceramics room and timber workshop. For outdoor activities, there is beach volleyball court and a basketball court.

At Eagle Vale, an outdoor, undercover basketball court has been constructed with an air-conditioned gymnasium and also a volleyball court.

The classrooms are all air-conditioned and have the latest technology to allow all residents to explore their learning journey.