Reconciliation Action Plan

To begin I would like to acknowledge all Aboriginal peoples and the traditional custodians of these lands. I also acknowledge my gratitude that we share this land today. I would like to pay my respect to the knowledge holders of Aboriginal culture; including Elders past, present and future.

One of the first major decisions I made as CEO here at Odyssey House NSW was to work towards launching our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). In the last two years, I have been aware of our responsibility to promote equitable access to our services by embedding cultural competency and culturally sensitive practice into Odyssey House NSW’s core business. Our services work within a holistic framework; providing culturally congruent and competent care to Aboriginal peoples in addiction and recovery.

I firmly believe that this plan is another step in our journey in making a measurable and real difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to “close the gap” and continue to heal together. This includes celebrating culture, community and land.

I would like to thank the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, children and families we support. Thank you also to our staff for their commitment to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on their healing journeys. In the upcoming year we will be consulting more broadly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait elders and community to continue to strengthen and deepen our relationships so that this plan can be a living document for all people connected with Odyssey House NSW and all our staff.

We commit ourselves to the actions and targets contained in the Odyssey House NSW’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Julie Babineau
Chief Executive Officer