Getting Help

If you need help Contact Odyssey House Intake Centre on 1800 397 739.

All clients seeking admission to Odyssey House programs are required to undertake a 40 minute telephone assessment.

During assessment you will be asked questions relating to:

  • Drugs use and drug history
  • People who support you and your current living/financial situation
  • Your mental health and your mental health history
  • You may be asked about your family and your past
  • Your criminal history

Your honesty is important in answering these questions as they will assist us to determine the best treatment for you.

On completion of the phone assessment, and if the client is suitable, a time and date will be allocated for admission.

You cannot be admitted without having completed the telephone assessment.

Odyssey House NSW accepts clients with a range of legal issues:

  • In custody referrals
  • On bail
  • On a bond
  • Reporting conditions
  • Home detention
  • Upcoming court
  • Court diversion – MERIT
  • Department of Community Corrections Supervision
  • Parole
  • Have co-existing mental health diagnosis and be on prescribed medications