Residential Programs

Odyssey House’s Residential Programs is open to anyone wishing to address their dependence on alcohol and/or other drugs. The program aims to empower individuals and give them the self-confidence to manage the harms related to their substance use.

Our Residential Programs utilise the therapeutic community model of treatment. This approach makes the community the primary influencer for promoting positive personal growth. Residents actively participate to help not only themselves, but also to provide support for their fellow residents.

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Odyssey House Residential Rehabilitation Facility

As part of the therapeutic community, residents live and work together as a small community of approximately 100 people at the main facility in Eagle Vale in Sydney’s South West. The rehabilitation process is undertaken in a structured environment, with treatment support provided by professional counsellors and medical staff. Residents achieve therapeutic goals by demonstrating their ability to move through the stages of the program. As they progress, they take over the day-to-day administration and running of Odyssey House. Job functions include maintaining the property, painting, gardening, cooking, driving and administration.

Rehabilitation Programs

Foundations to Recovery Program is a 12 week program designed to meet the needs of less complex clients who require residential treatment and can have their treatment needs best met in an intensive, shorter program. It provides an opportunity for people in addiction to live together and take responsibility for themselves and each other as a community.

Odyssey College is the education arm of Odyssey House NSW and provides all clients in the residential program a rich and worthwhile educational experience. You may well ask why we have included education into the program at Odyssey House. Research indicates that having a career path post rehabilitation, is a predictor of long-term success.
Odyssey College is a registered school with NESA and incorporates key content that will allow you to learn some of the necessary skills that will hold you in good stead post-Odyssey.

The Parent’s and Children’s Program at Odyssey House is one of only a handful of rehabilitation centres in Australia that allow men and women to undertake treatment whilst their children (0-12 years) live with them.

Group therapy is conducted regularly during the week. Additionally, vocational counselling, anger management, one on one counselling, domestic violence counselling, psychological services, assertiveness training, and recreational activities are all available to our residents.

Long Term Residential Rehabilitation Program is when our residents are at Odyssey House for 9-12 months. While residents can leave at any point, it is recommended they stay for at least 9 months as research has proven that their chances of remaining abstinent are higher, the longer they stay in the program. Programs are individually tailored with each individual will have their mental and physical health assessed upon entering the program. From here, our staff will work closely with each individual to form specific strategies, such as modifications of treatment and action plans.

Residential Rehabilitation Costs

The Residential Rehabilitation program is affordable if you are on a Centrelink benefit and have a current Medicare card. If this is not the case, please call us to discuss costs on: 1800 397 739.

To chat to one of our friendly staff about the Residential Program, send an enquiry using the form on this page or call: 

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