Family Support Groups

For many parents, their own experiences of being parented have not prepared them effectively to be parents themselves. Our free Family Support Community Services aim to give parents the necessary skills and confidence to take care of their own children. We offer two Family Support programs: ‘Happy Parents! Happy Kids!’ and ‘Bringing Up Great Kids!’

While both programs can be taken individually, it is highly recommended that both be taken for optimum results. Each program lasts for 5 weeks, with one 2-hour class per week. Classes in each program consist of 6-7 people, enabling each person to get a more specialised and intimate learning experience.

Bringing Up Great Kids!

A well-established community based program, ‘Bringing Up Great Kids!’ focuses on mindfulness, positivity, and reflection to help parents enhance their communication with their children. In the program, participants are encouraged to reflect upon their past experiences with their parents and consider how these experiences might now be affecting their own parenting style.

Classes are highly interactive, with participants being given activities to perform each week. Classes are available in Blacktown:

Blacktown Groups Starting Date Duration
Bringing Up Great Kids 30th January 5 weeks


Baulkham Hill Groups Starting Date Duration
Bringing Up Great Kids 24th July 5 weeks

Happy Parents! Happy Kids!

A newer program, ‘Happy Parents! Happy Kids!’ focuses on giving parents the necessary tools to foster positive behaviour in their children. Participants are taught various techniques to help their children manage their emotions, as well as effective strategies for managing their misbehaviour.

Classes are more theory based and consist of activities such as group discussions. Classes are available in Blacktown:

Blacktown Groups Starting Date Duration
Happy Parents! Happy Kids! 6th March 5 weeks

Contact us on 1800 397 739, or send an enquiry if you would like to learn more about our programs that will support you in your recovery journey.