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Voyages to recovery

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15 Apr 2024

A podcast series brought to you by Odyssey House NSW.

This podcast series has been developed by Odyssey to showcase stories of real transformation. Join us as we share moving stories of people who have overcome significant alcohol and drug challenges.

Episode 01 – Morgan

Morgan didn’t want to live after her children were taken away. She spiralled into substance use. Until she couldn’t any longer. Now she’s a case worker.

Episode 02 – Daniel

It is a few days before Christmas, and it’s stinking hot day. Daniel was homeless. All his worldly possessions stuffed into two plastic bags. Oh, and one other thing… he had his six year-old daughter with him.

Episode 03 – Annabel

Annabel is smart, is a mum and thinks she should be doing well. But she’s not. She’s addicted to heroin and wants to get off for her young child’s sake.

Episode 04 – Nicky

In response to a childhood of neglect and abuse Nicky started smoking tobacco and cannabis aged 12. By 14 she was using heroin, pills and speed. For the next 20 years she used.

Episode 05 – James

In his 20s James saw his future as being a professional sportsman. When things didn’t work out, it spiralled and he sought out cannabis and heroin to ease his depression. Forty years later he retired as the long-time CEO of Odyssey House NSW.