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The Only Thing Constant Is Change

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26 Feb 2016

There is an old adage that ‘The only thing constant is change’. This is very apt for us at Odyssey House, where our mission is to help people undertake positive personal change to overcome dependence on alcohol and other drugs and become healthy, confident, contributing members of society.

And, as anyone involved in the sector knows, delivering high quality care also means ongoing organisational change to respond to the evolving needs of our clients, incorporate best practice therapies, implement continuous quality improvement, comply with changing regulatory requirements and constantly strive for government funding and private donations.

I am very proud of what we have achieved since 1977, particularly assisting approximately 37,000 people to change their lives.

Now, after more than 30 years leading and overseeing change at Odyssey House, I am embarking on a new journey myself.

From 1 May 2016, I will be taking on a new role as a consultant/senior adviser to Odyssey House, with a focus on our clinical services, fundraising, supporter relations and staff training, as well as representing Odyssey House in the public domain and the media. Other matters will no doubt come up as my role evolves.

Joining us as the new Odyssey House CEO from May will be Julie Babineau, who has extensive experience in the health and social issues sectors.

Julie is currently CEO at the NSW Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, which delivers health care to adults and young people in contact with the forensic mental health and criminal justice systems, across community, inpatient and custodial settings. She is also an advisory board member of NSW Ambulance and a non-executive director of Variety–the Children’s Charity. We look forward to the valuable contribution Julie will make to Odyssey House.

In the meantime, work (and change) continues apace at Odyssey House and I thank our staff, supporters and colleagues for their ongoing efforts to ensure we can continue to help people to change their lives.