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Helping parents break the cycle of generational substance use

16 Aug 2023
Our parent's and children's residential rehabilitation program helps parents break the cycle of generational substance use. Stigma around addiction is a significant societal issue that can have far-reaching consequences.


Elaine’s Road to Recovery

3 May 2020

Most of us daydream of who we’re going to be when we grow up. We have visions of a wonderful life, a happy family, and an exciting job. I.


Cultivating research expertise for complex policy problems

29 Aug 2019

Supporting action on complex policy problems Gabriele Bammer Improved research skills are crucial to understanding difficult issues and finding creative and evidence-based policy solutions, Gabriele Bammer writes. How can.


How rehab helps heavy drug and alcohol users think differently

4 Jul 2019

Living in a group environment is part of learning how to manage without using drugs. Shutterstock Julaine Allan, Charles Sturt University; Alice Munro, UNSW, and Susan Collings, University of.