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Odyssey House NSW embraced yellow for R U OK? Day

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14 Sep 2023
Odyssey House NSW R U OK? Day Staff Photo

Odyssey House NSW has embraced yellow to recognise R U OK? Day. A national day of action encouraging everyone to regularly check in on each other by asking, “Are you OK?” and engage in meaningful conversations with those who may be struggling. Let’s remember to check in regularly with those around us.

The aim is to inspire and empower us to meaningfully connect with the people around us and provide the space for a conversation about how we are feeling. It may not be obvious who in your world is having a hard time, so this is a great opportunity to check in with those around you. The day is held every year on the second Thursday of September. This year’s theme is “I’m here to hear”.

R U OK? Day is a public health promotion charity that encourages people to stay connected, which can help when going through tough times and contributes to better health and wellbeing. It is a reminder to invest more time in our personal relationships and informal support networks. You don’t need to be an expert to reach out – just a good friend and a great listener.

A simple conversation with genuine concern, active listening, and an open mind can make someone feel supported and connected and create a lasting impact. Use these four easy steps and have a conversation that could change a life: Ask R U OK?, Listen, Encourage Action, Check-in.

Odyssey House NSW R U OK? Day