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A note of thanks from James Pitts

7 Oct 2016

A note of thanks from James Pitts

People take many journeys at Odyssey House: from dependency to recovery, poor self-worth to self-esteem, ill-health to wellbeing.

I have been blessed in my journey, which has enabled me to assist approximately 30,000 people to overcome drug dependence and personal challenges, and change their lives.

Now, I have embarked on a different path, handing over the reins to new CEO Julie Babineau who has been in the role since 1 May.

I have had a long and fulfilling career at Odyssey House, from Detroit, Hampton and New York, then to Victoria and since 1984 at Odyssey House NSW. Consequently, I have many people to thank! They are too numerous to name, but one particular person I would like to recognise is the late Milton Luger, our first Executive Director and a great mentor to me. He would be proud to see what Odyssey House is today.

I thank the various boards of Odyssey House who have supported me in my endeavours to provide the highest quality care for people dependent on alcohol and other drugs.

I thank the hundreds of staff who have been part of my journey and had the challenging job of providing direct assistance to our clients.

I also thank my peers in the alcohol and other drugs sector for their collaboration and support. I was very touched to recently receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies, an acknowledgement of the many things I have tried to achieve during my career.

I thank our supporters and donors who give so generously to help us help people in need.

Finally, I thank the many men, women and children who have found Odyssey to be a ‘Calm in the sea of addiction’, enabling them to rebuild their lives and face their onward journey with renewed health and confidence.