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It is time to GIVE to our EOFY appeal

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28 May 2020

Dear Supporter’s,

This year started like any other, with clients focused on their recovery and everyone looking forward to new beginnings. Some of them were in our long-term residential program, like Tony*, and some were coming into our community-based program participating in face to face individual and group therapy, like Jayden* and Marie* (read their stories below). But 2020 has turned out to be unlike any other year!

During these unprecedented times, we need your donation now, more than ever. In the last month, we have found a 21% increase in our community-based programs and a 15% increase in our residential rehab (even with the infection control measures in place). And we expect the need for our programs to increase dramatically in the foreseeable future.

As an essential service, Odyssey House NSW has modified our service delivery model to ensure we help as many people in need as possible. With initial reports of an increase in the consumption of alcohol and drugs, there is already a surge in need for our services. Please give $50 to help a specialised counsellor give telephone support for someone like Marie*

Julie Babineau
Chief Executive Officer

“I had spent 19 months at Odyssey and it was certainly an up and down journey, but I discovered some really important things like who I was and what I stand for. Last year, I completed a Certificate II in Carpentry utilising skills I learned in woodwork classes at Odyssey. I had a job. But in March, the site I was working on was shut down.

Someone had tested positive so we were all laid off. It was a stressful couple of weeks. I decided to go back to Odyssey and get some help. I started with the Relapse Prevention Program online groups straight away. It has been a life saver. I am pretty social, and this lock down was doing my head in. Having a weekly chat with the others online has helped me keep my relapse prevention plan in place. It worked even in an emergency like this.”

“I have been taking part in the Odyssey program at Redfern for the last six months. I was just there to see if they could help me get my kids back. I soon realised I needed to face some stuff first. Odyssey got me thinking about what’s happening and why I’ve chosen to take drugs in the past. . But with the shut down, I had a couple of very rocky weeks. I was not really sleeping.

The old grief and loss came back again, overwhelming me. I began to panic and spiral a bit. I made sure I was caught up with a counsellor one on one for telephone counselling. I kept going. Two weeks ago, I stopped using. I want to do better. I want to be there for my kids. Whether they are in my care or not. I am going to do it. Just watch me.”

I had been on the grog for years as it was the way I coped. With the help of Odyssey, I was able to stop self-sabotaging. Living in the resi (residential program) was hard at first, but since December, I have been off the grog for the first time in nearly 30 years. I am nearly 50 years old I had not had any type of relationship with my son and my mob, but I am beginning to fix that as part of the Parents and Children’s Program.

I live with my boy, Mick, who is 10 years old. When COVID-19 hit, we went through a massive change. Mick had to be home schooled and I had to do it. Not only was I working on my recovery, but I also had to work with Mick and his teachers to figure out what his day would be like. Odyssey was a great help. They provided us with a laptop and helped me with understanding what I needed to do to make sure Mick was ok. I sat down with Mick and together we decided we would be honest with each other. We may not be able to solve all things life throws at us, but by talking about it and asking for help, we can at least start.

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