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Emily’s Journey

17 May 2016

Today, Odyssey House graduate, Emily* spoke about how she overcame adversity to build a strong family and invest in herself.

Here is Emily’s story from when she was with us at Odyssey House nearly 10 years ago.

Emily’s Story

For 32 year old Emily, the decision to enter Odyssey House came after a long term addiction to speed with her children being taken from her care.

“I started using when I was 17 just going to parties,” says Emily. Emily then met her partner and through years of isolation, depression and domestic violence, Emily increased her intake of drugs to block the pain she was going through.

“After losing my children, I knew I had to get out of the environment I was in. I admitted my addictions to my family and asked them for help,” said Emily.

Emily participated in the Odyssey House rehabilitation program for six months waiting to enter the Parents and Children’s program. At that time Emily was reunited with her children at Odyssey House.

Emily now resides in our Parents and Children’s program with her four children, Amanda* (8), Jacob* (7), Lily* (6) and Kate* (3).

This Christmas the children are looking forward to meeting Sana when he makes a surprise visit to the children and residents at Odyssey House on Christmas Day. This Christmas Amanda, Jacob, Lily and Kate will feel safe and secure in a loving environment, free from the addiction that has caused pain for their family in the past.

Emily is now in the final stage of the Odyssey House program and will shortly be moving in her own home with her family. Emily is looking forward to spending this Christmas free of drugs not dependent on her ex-partner for support or money.

“I am very proud of what I have achieved in the past twelve months. I plan on completing studies in community welfare, to continue to work on my relationship with my children, and to graduate from the Odyssey House program,” says Emily.

*Names changed to protect privacy