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Drug dependence doesn’t discriminate

21 Aug 2014


I am often interviewed about rehabilitation and alcohol and other drug issues. Making headlines recently has been Harriet Wran, daughter of the former NSW Premier, who is reportedly dependent on ‘ice’ (crystal methamphetamine). It’s newsworthy because amphetamine-type stimulants are an increasingly dangerous scourge on our society – they are the primary drug of concern for Odyssey House clients – and because it involves someone apparently privileged, challenging misconceptions that drug dependence only affects ‘other people’ of lower socio-economic status.

Yet drug dependence doesn’t discriminate based on where you live, your income, education or occupation, or who your parents are.

No one chooses to become addicted. People make poor choices to use drugs to cope with life or ‘have fun’, and unfortunately some go down the slippery slope of dependence with serious consequences for themselves and others.

Odyssey House treats people from all walks of life – privileged or not, they all have insecurities, regrets and personal problems, from family conflicts or ill health to domestic violence or childhood sexual assault. Our clients also share hopes and dreams of a better life without the ball and chain that drugs have become in their lives. I’m proud Odyssey House is here to help them.