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Drinking Risks During Isolation

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7 Apr 2020

We know the COVID-19 measures are putting pressure on Australian people’s mental and physical health as they are currently finding themselves out of work or working from home. Stress, uncertainty and loneliness can all be triggers for somebody dealing with mental health issues, as well as substance misuse.

The importance of drinking in moderation has never been more important and we understand that some people will use alcohol as a coping mechanism. We are encouraging Australians to moderate their consumption of alcohol and to reach out for support.

Most people can enjoy an alcoholic beverage in moderation but for some this isn’t possible. We are now providing telephone support, virtual individual and group counselling sessions for clients living in the community. If you are aware of someone who’s in recovery or who is now drinking more than usual – now is the time to check on them and offer support. Isolation does not mean we need to limit our interactions with others, we can offer you support in coping with a loved one who is struggling at this time.

Let’s work together to stay healthy and positive.

If you know of someone needing our services for substance misuse during this challenging time, they can contact our helpline 1800 397 739 which is open Monday to Friday during business hours or email