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Don’t wait for drug treatment

2 Apr 2015


Increasing numbers of men and women are seeking help to overcome their dependence on amphetamine-type stimulants such as ice, which is now the leading drug of concern for a record four in ten clients at Odyssey House.

Media reports understandably focus on this growing drug problem and the negative consequences for individuals, their families and the community. However, vital information that treatment places are available right now – and that amphetamine dependence can be successfully treated – is not often mentioned, despite our best efforts. It appears “good news” is sometimes not sufficiently newsworthy, even when it could save lives.

For the record:

Professional, affordable help is readily available, right now, at Odyssey House
There is usually no wait (or a very short wait) for admission to the Medically Supervised Withdrawal Unit or the Residential Rehabilitation Program at Odyssey House in Sydney
Odyssey House accepts clients from all over Australia
No referral is necessary
Contact us during business hours on 02 9281 5144 or email via

Odyssey House has developed an intensive therapy-based treatment specifically for people dependent on amphetamines that takes into account their likely psychological problems, withdrawal-induced depression, and issues such as disordered thoughts, trouble sleeping and focusing, and difficulties with motivation and engagement in therapy. Supported by the safe, structured therapeutic community of Odyssey House, people can and do overcome their addiction, deal with their underlying personal problems, and rebuild their lives. In fact, independent research shows that two-thirds of people who complete our program are drug-free three years later.

Yet it’s not sufficient to simply make people aware of our services.

A significant barrier to seeking treatment is that many amphetamine users – and drug users generally – feel guilty and ashamed and don’t believe they are worthy or deserving of recovery. This is compounded by the censorious, unhelpful attitudes of some commentators who say “addicts have no one else to blame”.

However, no one takes an illicit drug – or an alcoholic drink or a prescription drug or a cigarette – with the intention of becoming addicted. Human nature being what it is, warnings (and sanctimonious attitudes) unfortunately won’t stop a small proportion of people experimenting with substances, trying to fit in, or escaping from their personal problems…while taking the chance they won’t become dependent.

Yes, it is essential that people with a drug problem take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and for their own recovery. In fact, this is one of the cornerstones of treatment at Odyssey House, and to sustained abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.

Rather than sitting in judgement, we as a society need to give credit and support to those who step up, admit they have a problem, and seek help to overcome their addiction. Let’s ensure people know about and feel comfortable to access professional treatment and rebuild their lives to become healthy, law-abiding, productive members of society.