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A vision to support continuity of care

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5 May 2021

A vision to support continuity of care

What was the problem?

Does your healthcare organisation experience the same problem over and over again? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Many healthcare organisations with multiple services share a common pain point. Client information across the services is not always accessible at the point of care, resulting in sub-optimal care outcomes.

At Odyssey House NSW (OHNSW), for example, we were delivering a range of programs and services that had built up over time and across a number of regions. People seeking treatment and support from us were likely to engage with multiple services either concurrently or over time. An integrated view of the services that the client had received or was receiving was unavailable. To support continuity of care, this is our transformational journey to bring all service divisions together under one platform.

Who are we?

OH NSW provides rehabilitation services to address harms associated with alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. Since 1977, we have built a comprehensive network of withdrawal and rehabilitation programs through residential and community service hubs across Greater Sydney and the NSW Southern Highlands.

How have we solved the problem?

In the year 2020, under the visionary leadership of Julie Babineau, and under the banner of our ‘One Odyssey’ program, OHNSW implemented a business solution that integrated all services under one platform. To run this transformation project, we introduced and adopted a new project management methodology, standards and tools which did not previously exist in the organisation. The project team consisted of only internal operational staff members, upskilled to understand the new methodology and to achieve the agreed milestones. Initially with limited resources, skills and determination, the project was driven to its successful completion.

The plan outlined eight clear project workstreams (which included change management, business process redesign, requirements and technology, training and systems integration). From this we built the capability of our core business in four areas:

* Business processes across the organisation’s diverse range of services were reviewed, streamlined and standardised to smoothly support the client’s journey;

* The software platform was redesigned in collaboration with key stakeholders to present a holistic client view;

* All relevant staff members were engaged and trained to understand their responsibilities and gain knowledge and ability to operate in a changed environment; and

* Data quality was improved via data cleansing and newly defined/ followed data acquisition processes. Also, the business intelligence function was introduced.

How did we step up?

The project team members demonstrated their excellence by embracing the new methodology and achieving project milestones in addition to their business-as-usual commitments. With optimal project sponsorship provided by the Director of Programs (David Kelly), the project team strategically engaged with all relevant stakeholder groups (including the Executive team, frontline clinicians and the vendor Redbourne) to support and sustain the change.

Its successful completion has demonstrated how a project can be delivered with limited resources and skills. However, this is “only the end of the beginning …”, as said by the Director of Programs, as we continue to adapt and enhance these processes.

Where to next?

To support the organisation-wide strategic priorities, OHNSW has established its enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) on the basis of industry best practices to ensure major and business critical projects are planned, approved and delivered in accordance with agreements.

OH NSW is proactively embracing change and taking steps to ensure the change will be sustained and meaningful.

Three things to take away from this journey:

*Great things can happen with limited resources and skills;

*Change can be embraced at all levels of your organisation with strategic planning; and

*A challenge can be turned into an opportunity to demonstrate your operational excellence.


Author: Junhua Li, Head of Business Systems, Data and PMO

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