Community Services

Odyssey House’s free Community Services provide treatment, counselling, education, and aftercare support to people who are concerned about their own or a loved one’s drug and alcohol use. Our non-residential rehabilitation programs are Sydney-wide and either last between 4-8 weeks, or are ongoing. Each program consists of one 1-3 hour class per week.

We believe that each person’s situation is unique. Before an individual starts one of our programs, our assessment team conducts an initial assessment to help develop a specialised treatment plan. Once the program begins, each person has the option to participate in a range of therapies including group, individual and phone counselling.

Our Community Services have programs specialising in:

Alcohol and Other Drugs Recovery
Mental Health Support
Family and Parenting Programs
Anger Management

Our Odyssey House Community Services team provides professional assistance, with qualified counselors and psychologists guiding you through your recovery in a safe and supportive environment.

Contact us on 1800 397 739, or send an enquiry if you would like to learn more about our programs that will support you in your recovery journey.