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Emily’s Journey

17 May 2016
Today, Odyssey House graduate, Emily* spoke about how she overcame adversity to build a strong family and invest in herself. Here is Emily's story from when she was with.


Behind the scenes at Odyssey House

29 Apr 2016

Did you know the Odyssey House kitchens serve 400 meals a day, providing breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner and snacks every day to more than 100 residents? That’s 146,000.


Managing relapse is vital to sustained recovery from addiction

20 Apr 2016

Overcoming dependence on alcohol or other drugs is a worthy and usually hard-won achievement. However, slips and relapses are an almost inevitable and predictable part of the recovery process.


The Cross Roads

15 Apr 2016
It’s then you will find, you must leave them behind And move on to find a new road Where companions are few, but their motives are true When times.


Rehab builds lives…..and delivers 600% return on investment

13 Apr 2016

Helping people overcome alcohol or other drug problems and rebuild their lives has multiple and often immeasurable benefits to the individuals themselves, their loved ones, their local communities and.