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Make A Difference This Christmas

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15 Nov 2017

Every year the Christmas period attracts a higher rate of depression among the population. Depression at Christmas can be triggered for a multitude of reasons, including social isolation, financial pressure, and personal failures. To cope, many people resort to alcohol to alleviate the pain, in turn making their situation even worse.

Thanks to your support, Odyssey House NSW has been able to provide counselling to more people all over Sydney. However there are many others still in desperate need of help. Make a difference this Christmas. Donate Now.

Amanda Recounts Her Christmas

To the outside world I looked like a successful woman in my 40s. But secretly I was not coping. Every night I’d have a glass of wine while I was cooking and eating dinner. I don’t think I was drunk in front of the kids. I mostly drank after they went to bed. 

I would collapse and fall asleep on the couch while my husband went to bed. I’d then wake up the next morning and do it all over again. I was stuck in this endless loop of drinking. I was keeping it together, that is, until Christmas last year. 

I Broke Down

It all just came to a head. I had finished the Christmas shopping and had cracked open a bottle of wine in celebration. The kids were home, it’s stressful. My youngest was screaming at me, the phone was ringing, the dinner’s cooking on the stove. It was all kind of snowballing. 

I just started crying. I was so overwhelmed. I felt as though I was just slogging through life, trying to get to the next day. The exhaustion was bone deep. 

I Needed To Change

I eventually went to my GP. She talked to me about my options. Odyssey House was one of them. I felt I was not THAT far gone. But she told me that I could get some free counselling or at the very least get some expert advice.

I finally called and spoke with someone in their community-based programs. I could not believe how relieved I felt. It was good to have someone just listen. I was soon booked in to a weekly group and one on one counselling session.

By going to Odyssey’s community-based programs I had an outlet where I could go and be listened too and supported. Soon I realised I was not alone. The others in my group had similar stories and we supported each other through it all.

Finally Sober

It’s taken me a year to get to here. But this Christmas I am sober. With the help of Odyssey House I am now living a healthier life.  I am creating time for myself. I am saying ‘no’ more often. I am taking it one day at a time.


*Names have been changed for privacy.

This Christmas people like Amanda need your help more than ever.

Your gift of:

$40 can provide books and toys for children in our care

$400 can provide 2 one-on-one counselling sessions for a client

$4,000 can support 10 – 15 clients with four weeks of group therapy

Make a difference this Christmas and donate now to help more people like Amanda.