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International Family Drug Support Day 24 February 2019

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7 Feb 2019

As you know drugs affect all members of the community but it is the families and drug users themselves who bear the brunt of the problems. Any family anywhere in Australia, regardless of background, economic and other circumstances can be affected by drugs. As such Odyssey House NSW is participating in and supporting the 2019 International Family Drug Support Day on 24 February 2019.

Drug users and their families are often misrepresented, stereotyped and discriminated against, and as a result families struggle with the shame and stigma of drug use and this is a barrier to them seeking help and support, and hinders the prospect of positive outcomes. Family Drug Support Australia  hope, building on last year, this event will reach more members of the community and will continue to change some of the negative attitudes that exist. We also hope it will encourage affected families to reach out for support.

The International Family Drug Support Day 2019 theme is ‘Support the Family – Improve the Outcome’ and it is hoped that families in difficult circumstances will take the steps necessary to seek the support they need.  Join Odyssey House NSW in our support of the event and Family Drug Support Australia by coming to the Sydney event on 26 January at the NSW Teachers Federation, Heritage Room, NSW. Register for this free event here.