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Month: July 2019

The profile of festival drug takers might be different to what you expect

22 Jul 2019

  The average festival goer is young, white, well educated and employed. Gbarkz Monica Barratt, RMIT University; Adam Winstock, UCL; Caitlin Hughes, Flinders University, and Jason Ferris, The University.


Our 10th Business Women’s Lunch funds 3333 days of rehab

18 Jul 2019

The Odyssey House NSW Business Women’s Lunch has been an annual highlight on our calendar for ten years now. We are always thankful for the opportunity to raise funds.


Drug rehab: what works and what to keep in mind when choosing a private treatment provider

16 Jul 2019

In alcohol or drug rehabilitation, much of the day is spent in either group or individual therapy. from Nicole Lee, Curtin University The public alcohol and drug system.


How rehab helps heavy drug and alcohol users think differently

4 Jul 2019

Living in a group environment is part of learning how to manage without using drugs. Shutterstock Julaine Allan, Charles Sturt University; Alice Munro, UNSW, and Susan Collings, University of.