Withdrawal Services


The First Step

Depending on the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, our team will refer you to either our Community Detoxification or Withdrawal Unit Services. You can assess which option is the right one for you by calling us, or inquiring with the form in the bottom left hand corner:

1800 397 739

Community Services

Community Detoxification

Our free Community Services offer a range of individualised non-resident treatment services for those affected by Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD).

There are many people using AOD who may be experiencing physical symptoms when trying to cut down or stop. Those with mild to moderate withdrawals can usually be safely detoxed without the need for in patient treatment. Working in conjunction with your GP, our experienced nurses offer practical help to people who are struggling to get off drugs and alcohol.

Detoxification is only one part of a person’s recovery. We will work with you before and after the detox program to maximise your chances of success.

Residential Services

Withdrawal Unit

Our Detoxification unit is based in a rural setting in Ingleburn, providing privacy and comfort to all of our residents.

The unit accommodates up to 13 people and is staffed 24 hours a day by nursing staff. All clients will be initially assessed by a Doctor to determine an appropriate detoxification program.

  • You will have the choice of undergoing a supervised medical or non-medical detoxification.
  • Our program lasts 7-10 days and includes social and medical assessment, and counselling.
  • We use various activities such as Accupuncture, art therapy and group sessions, to assist you in the detoxification process.

After your withdrawal program, you will have the opportunity to be referred to either the Odyssey House residential program or to other services.