We have:

•  Detox – medically assisted withdrawal unit
•  Residential facility
•  After care

The Odyssey House Admission and Intake Centre takes all admission enquiries. Admissions are subject to availability and meeting the assessment criteria.

Call for help:  02 9281 5144         Email for help:   admissions@odysseyhouse.com.au

Vision, Mission & Values

Odyssey House NSW has been saving lives since 1977, providing hope and inspiring positive change for individuals overcoming their addictions to live fulfilling lives.

Odyssey House has been a place of healing and positive change in over 35,000 peoples’ lives.

Today, alcohol and amphetamine-type stimulants (such as ice, speed or ecstasy) are the principal drugs of concern, making our work vital.

Our work saved the society almost $15 million in drug and crime-free days in the 2014-15 financial year.

Last year, with the help of people like you, Odyssey House was able to assist 625 clients, including 12 families participating in Parents’ and Children’s Program and 21 children.

Odyssey House is a charitable, non-government, non-religious organization, funded by the government and private contributions.

The residential rehabilitation program costs $88 per person per day ($32,000 p.a) for treatment, accommodation and meals. It costs $72,000 p.a. to keep a person in prison for a year.

Our Mission

Odyssey House is dedicated to the provision of a dynamic and diverse range of services to our clients who are adults with alcohol and other drug dependencies who frequently have chronic health, behavoiural and psychological issues.

Our Vision

To save and improve the lives of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs.

Our Values

The Odyssey House value system is built on:

  • Love
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Responsibilty
  • Concern

02 9281 5144 

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 We acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia, and the Dhawaral people (traditional land owners of the Sydney Basin BioRegion) who provide cultural support for the Mingu Yabun Aboriginal group within Odyssey House NSW.  We welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our services.

 Supporters -  Odyssey House is supported by financial assistance from the Australian Government


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