Odyssey House is dedicated to the provision of a dynamic and diverse range of services to our clients who are adults with alcohol and other drug dependencies who frequently have chronic health, behavioural and psychological issues. Our wide range of services includes:


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Odyssey House - Saving and improving the lives of people with addictions.

It is easy to feel alone when in addiction and to feel your life is being dominated by alcohol and drugs. You are not alone – Odyssey House is an expert in the field – we can help you.

Treatment at Odyssey House is unique in that it looks to behaviours as symptomatic of underlying personal problems, such as low self esteem, sexual abuse, domestic violence, parental drug misuse, which must be addressed to successfully overcome drug dependence and remain abstinent in the long term. Our program is a long term residential program which is not easy.  For personal growth to replace dependency, you will work hard to change negative attitudes and values, confront the reasons you resorted to misuse and learn strategies to deal with daily life.

Odyssey House’s professional, caring staff guide you through your journey, in a safe, non-threatening environment. Odyssey House main treatment facility is located in Eagle Vale, Sydney. The Assessment and Referral and Withdrawal Unit are located in Ingleburn, Sydney.

A calm in the sea of addiction.

Odyssey House is accredited with The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.




  Over 35,000 lives saved and rebuilt since 1977
  328 people admitted to Odyssey House Residential program in 2014/2015
  During 2014/15 financial year the Admissions & Intake Centre handled over 30,000 phone inquiries


  Residents accounted for over 26,938 drug-free and crime-free days in 2014/15, saving society more than $14.7million

Odyssey House NSW provides hope for a positive future for individuals with addictions. What we do is vital, with increased calls for help from those addicted and their families and friends.

There are many ways that you can help us help others – please help us make a real difference.

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 We acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia, and the Dhawaral people (traditional land owners of the Sydney Basin BioRegion) who provide cultural support for the Mingu Yabun Aboriginal group within Odyssey House NSW.  We welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our services.

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